Paso Robles Rotarians partner with Costa Rican chapter to bring eyeglasses to those in need!
On Feb. 20, six members of the Paso Robles Rotary Club and two members of the Templeton Rotary Club traveled to Alajuela, Costa Rica, to partner with The Rotary Club of Alajuela in hosting a vision clinic to help the needy. Also in attendance were three spouses and friends of Rotarians.
The group spent two days at two different locations for the vision clinics giving out 670 eyeglasses for those in need. At one of the locations, a local Salvation Army, the clubs also donated money for school supplies. Between the two projects, locals donated around $2,500.
This was a joint effort with The Rotary Club of Alajuela who organized both projects. This small Costa Rican club of 22 members has done some really great work down there for the community, says Julie Opheim, a Paso Robles Rotary Club member who attended.
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