Each year, the Rotary Club of Paso Robles distributes dictionaries to local third graders.  This year we wanted to make up for anyone that was missed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and handed out a LOT of dictionaries here in Paso Robles.
We distributed more than 1,100 dictionaries to our elementary school students!  Interact Club students helped put labels in them all and then helped at every school site with distribution.  Several Rotarians also stepped up to the plate to help out.  Many thanks to all of you who did, especially to Dr. Jim Brescia, who drove up from SLO to help out at three different schools!  For the record, the schools receiving dictionaries were:
  • Georgia Brown
  • Bauer-Speck
  • Pat Butler
  • Virginia Peterson
  • Pleasant Valley
  • Trinity Lutheran
  • St. Rose
  • Almond Acres
The kids and teachers were all thrilled to receive them, and we were welcomed with open arms at the schools.  The schools who are supposed to receive books from the Elks Club will reach out to them in the fall.  If the Elks do not distribute dictionaries next fall, our club will try to take up the banner and make sure all of the schools receive them.  It's an incredibly heartwarming experience to see these kids and see what these books mean to them.