The following is a listing of the committees in the Rotary Club of Paso Robles under International Service and their goals.

The Paso Robles Rotary Club has a long history of service to our community and the world.

Community service starts in our club, with members who work together, supporting each other and making sure everyone is welcome and appreciated.

International Youth Projects

Participate in the Rotary International Youth Exchange program by arranging for young people from other countries to live and study within our community and for youth from our local community to study abroad. Become familiar with the objectives and goals of the Open World Program of Rotary International. Coordinate a week of vocational and social activities for the visiting team. Promote home hosting and vocational day opportunities to club members. Publicize the visit activities of the team to the local community.

World Community Service

Provide Rotarians with information on World Service programs. Identify opportunities to form world community service partnerships with clubs in other communities. Promote world understanding by supporting a world community service project. Project should include activities that improve lives, meet human needs, promote international understanding and produce goodwill by means of technical and professional activities.

Rotary Foundation

Provide education to the club membership about the Rotary Foundation by giving a program on the Foundation. Provide information on the Foundation to the club bulletin editor as well as the Rotary information committee. Encourage participation in the sustaining membership program of the Rotary Foundation (Annual Program Giving). Serve as a resource for those committees who can utilize the Foundation to achieve their service goals. Encourage Rotarians to include the Rotary Foundation in their estate plans. Keep track of Paul Harris awards and encourage members to attain the Paul Harris level. Coordinate presentation of the Paul Harris awards with Club President.

Polio Eradication

Identify and support a PolioPlus Partner project. Present or coordinate a club program on the topic of PolioPlus. Update the club regularly on the status of global polio eradication efforts. Promote and encourage member participation in a National Immunization Day (NID) activity.